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I had a Thai Yoga/ Massage session with Denise and her work is great!  As our session started I shared with her that I had some stress in my shoulders and back, she provided insight and knowledge of  anatomy and gave me a wonderful session to relieve the stress. I felt better than I have in months. Denise got me breathing properly and stretched my shoulders and back so it felt practically new. I practice yoga  daily and to have someone actually “do the yoga for you” is such a gift – it felt like a massage, physical therapy and yoga session all rolled into one. Thank you Denise! Diane Kovanda, M.Ed., Director of Training, Kind Yoga School, Centerville, MA
I received my first Thai Yoga Therapy Massage from Denise Davis last week, and must admit, it was one of the most energizing and full body revitalization's I have ever experienced. As a student of the Martial Arts, I can honestly state that Denise’s well balanced use of therapeutic massage and Thai Yoga flows as smoothly as any well executed Tae Kwon Do form or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Randori.  My range of motion noticeably increased and all of those hard to stretch areas that I constantly struggle with using standard methods were miraculously pinpointed. If you are looking for a unique combination of yoga, massage and mind cleansing I would highly recommend a Thai Yoga Massage. Pat Moore
"Denise' Thai Yoga Therapy has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The intense stretching and pumping of the energy lines turned a passive treatment into a 90 minute journey through my body, deeply engaging and relaxing at the same time."
Sally M.yers
“If you have never experienced Thai Yoga Massage Therapy in the past and have some trepidation, Denise will immediately put you at ease. Her presence is so calm and comfortable that it immediately fills you, too. Her work is amazing; it is clear to me that she gives herself entirely to the individual during each session and is extremely mindful of your body, its muscle memory and how to help you help yourself.
“I really became alive and full of energy afterwards and felt parts of my body I never knew I had before. Also, this served as motivation for me to re-start my yoga practice.”
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