MDC & YOGA THERAPY - & Yoga Therapy
Yoga Is My Medicine!!
Yoga therapy is a new form of healing emerging out of the current popularity of yoga practices. 
Yoga therapy is created by the merging of traditional yoga with modern medicine. Medical assessments are taken into consideration to tailor yoga practices to individual needs. This approach makes yoga therapy more effective than general yoga practice for people who wish to treat specific medical conditions through yoga.
Yoga therapy can be applied for a wide range of physical and mental-emotional conditions: for structural problems such as low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain: for respiratory conditions such as asthma: for diseases of the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome: and for many other health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, stroke, hypertension, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and many more.
Yoga Therapy for athletes, improve your strength, flexibility and balance in any sport while preventing injuries.
Yoga Therapy can also be beneficial to the elderly, helping them to maintain good balance, strength, posture, good health, and a active quality life style.
Yoga therapy has been applied in hospitals in India for some time now and medical research is providing increasing evidence to support the efficacy of yoga therapy. In the USA and Europe now, dedicated and respected yoga therapy centres are developing. There are professional trainings available in yoga therapy and some general practitioners will refer patients for yoga therapy. 
Yoga therapy can be practiced along side any other form of treatment or healing that a person may opt for, from mainstream medical treatment to acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy and dietary therapy. 
We work with all ages from children to adults. It is not necessary to have experience of yoga before beginning Yoga therapy.
Individual to small groups of two accepted.